Today’s Tip - Alternative Web Browsers

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If you’re looking for an Internet browser other than Internet Explorer you have options.  Firefox is a popular browser but many people complain of and experience performance issues with it.  Google’s “Chrome” browser touts security with it’s “surf in a sandbox” concept but there are privacy concerns with this browser as everything you do in the browser is transmitted to Google for analysis.  Apple’s Safari browser has a very small footprint in the PC realm… a larger base on Mac since it is the embedded native browser.  One of my current favorite browsers that you might find to be an attractive alternative is Opera’s latest browser 10.60.  It’s free, and it’s fast!  One thing about the browser to be aware of though is by default it wants to turn on Opera “Turbo” mode which optimizes the browser for slow connections… ie, 56k modem.  If you have broadband service of 3MB or greater speed you will want to disable Turbo.  Another browser I just started toying with is from Lunascape (  Has a look that is something of a hybrid between Opera and Safari.  What I like about it right up front is the ability to quickly change the rendering engine on the fly without having to dig down into preference and other settings.  If you're feeling very adventurous and a serious computer junkie, look into the Konqueror browser as well.

I encourage to explore and experiment with other offerings until you find the one that feels right for you.  In the meantime, enjoy the introductory video about Opera 10.60 and if you have questions or comments about any of the browsers mentioned (or browsers not mentioned), feel free to consult the Dr.


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Disabling IE8 in Windows 7

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There's been a lot of buzz in the last week about Microsoft making it possible to disengage Internet Explorer from Windows 7. This is largely seen as a move to satisfy EU regulators so that launch of the new OS is not hampered by regulatory questions.
Not only do I like to talk about present technologies, but those that are emerging as well, and the ability to disable IE8 is certainly something that a lot of people will want to know how to do. If you're running the 7048 beta build of Windows 7, below are the steps and screen capture of how IE8 is disabled. Credit of course goes to Bryant at Aeroexperience and Chris at Chris123NT for the discovery and original post of instructions on how to remove.
See the original articles in full here or here



Disable IE8

To Remove IE8 from Windows 7, enter the Control Panel and look at “All Control Panel Options” Click “Programs and Features” In the left sidebar, click “Turn Windows Features On or Off” (you will be thrown a UAC prompt if you elevated UAC) Wait for the list to load. Look for Internet Explorer 8 in the list and uncheck it. Click OK. You will see a prompt notifying you of a reboot. The machine will reboot once, configure things, and reboot again. Upon completing the second reboot, you will notice that Internet Explorer 8’s components are actually still in Windows. The major changes will be that IE8 will be missing from “Set Program Defaults,” Windows won’t complain about IE8 being missing, and iexplore.exe will no longer exist underneath the Internet Explorer directory even though the directory and every IE8 dependency therein will still exist.

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